Fix your headaches with password management

Password management is always crucial and never  easy. And, as our business lives migrate further into the cloud, the need for strong, secure, and accessible passwords  will only grow. bTech solved that problem years ago with RoboForm and won’t ever go back to weak, repetitive, easily cracked or guessed passwords scribbled on cheat sheets.

Naturally you wonder ‘Can I trust RoboForm 100%’?

Can you get to 100% trust? No. Managing anything to zero risk is simply not possible – even if it were affordable. So what risk is acceptable? There are plenty of naysayers and skeptics who might persuade you that online password storage is a risk not worth taking. I absolutely disagree.

The only questions worth asking…
  • Does RoboForm create and secure passwords better than you do yourself?
  • Is RoboForm less risky than every other alternative you might consider?

The first concern – your own management of passwords –  is likely a high-risk combination of

  • you repeatedly use the same passwords – FAIL
  • you cycle through a few different passwords – FAIL
  • your passwords are conveniently on a cheat sheet near your PC – FAIL
Business is all about managing risk

RoboForm has no history of compromised customer data. Second, these and similar password  managers are far more effective and less risky than the flimsy alternatives you have been using for too long. Third, RoboForm works on any device wherever you go.

Doesn’t it make sense to trust experts in password management over yourself? Password protection IS their business. In the event of a breach, RoboForm has everything to lose – literally everything. They have more at stake than you or me.

Password complexity

The RoboForm password generator automatically creates extremely complex passwords which prevent brute force or dictionary cracking attempts. Because excellent passwords are so easily created, you will finally do what experts recommend and use a different password for every online account.

Physical security is an illusion

Anyone with malicious intent can gain access to a physical building – with or without force. Once inside, the odds greatly favor the thief finding passwords in the vicinity and successfully gaining PC access.

Why do so many otherwise intelligent business people make it so easy to gain access to their PC and passwords? We foolishly convince ourselves a cheat sheet poses less risk than a professionally designed, state of the art application, designed exclusive to protect passwords better than any other alternative.

RoboForm – all devices everywhere

Business is no longer restricted to the office and the desktop PC. Modern business professionals travel with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With RoboForm, business critical passwords follow you wherever you are. It works on all operating systems and on all platforms.

Smart folk don’t debate $19.95 for awesome protection

RoboForm has a few license subscription options. None will break the bank, and the price is well worth the peace of mind secure passwords and constant accessibility can bring.

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Brief introduction

Our purpose is to give back to the generous people of the internet from whom I have received so much.

bTechSharp focuses on the ‘busyness’ of business, the stuff that suffocates owners, managers, and employees in small businesses across the world. Our entire website will focus on a few core areas, to include

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We recoginze a few things about our audience
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Our podcast goals and philosophy are pretty simple
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